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To ensure all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community.



No one should face cancer alone.

These simple words sum up our philosophy—and our goal, which is to provide an emotional, social and psychological support community for everyone living with cancer, a place to learn from each other, with the guidance of licensed professionals.

Central to this philosophy is that our program is free to everyone all the time. So whether you’re living with cancer or know someone who is, Gilda’s Club can help.

Also central to our philosophy is the Gilda’s Club “clubhouse.” Symbolized by the signature red door you’ll find on all Gilda’s Clubs worldwide, each clubhouse is a home. Warm and welcoming. Caring and supportive. Filled with knowledgeable staff and committed volunteers.

Why a clubhouse? It goes back to something comedian Gilda Radner said after she was diagnosed with cancer: “Cancer gave me membership into an elite club I would rather not belong to.”

And while cancer is not a club anyone wants to belong to, Gilda’s Club is. Each year, Gilda’s Clubs help thousands of men, women, teens and children who automatically become members when they turn to Gilda’s Club for help. They learn from one another and use the power of their shared experience and collective wisdom to help each other.

Our philosophy is expressed in every Gilda’s Club program,
as well as in the language we use:

People living with cancer
NOT cancer victims or patients

Learning to live with cancer
NOT coping with cancer or facing a life-threatening illness

Regaining control and wellbeing
NOT doing battle, struggling with cancer or fighting for recovery

Opportunity to join with others and share experiences
Not being helpless or in need of help

Club members
NOT clients

Cancer support community
NOT cancer support group

Living fully as one learns to live with cancer
NOT improving one’s quality of life

A warm and welcoming clubhouse
NOT a safe haven

Learning skills and gathering information
NOT receiving education

A place to express a full range of feelings
NOT a place to “stay positive”