Cancer Support Community

As the largest professionally led nonprofit network of cancer support worldwide, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) is dedicated to ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. 

CSC provides support to people impacted by cancer by focusing on three key areas: direct service delivery, research and advocacy. Direct service is delivered through its global network of 175 locations including CSC affiliates, Gilda’s Club Twin Cities and other Gilda’s Clubs, healthcare partnerships and other satellite locations that deliver more than $50 million in free support services each year.

Formed in 2009 through the merger of The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club Worldwide, CSC also conducts cutting-edge research on the emotional, psychological and financial journeys of people living with cancer. In addition, CSC advocates at all levels of government for policies to help individuals whose lives have been disrupted by cancer. 

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities’ local efforts are elevated through the valuable resources and connections available through this expansive global network. 

Learn more about the CSC network and resources: 

Cancer Support Helpline ®

Need support and can’t make it to Gilda’s Club Twin Cities? Call our TOLL-FREE Cancer Support Helpline for anyone affected by cancer. 

Call 1-888-793-9355 Monday through Friday 8am-8pm CT 

The Cancer Support Helpline’s licensed counselors provide guidance, resources and support to cancer patients and their loved ones whatever the need—from getting information about cancer to finding a local support group to just speaking with someone who is willing to listen. We speak your language—in fact, we provide supportive counseling in over 200 languages. Learn more about the Cancer Support Helpline.

Call the Cancer Support Helpline now

The Cancer Experience Registry ®

The Cancer Experience Registry is a unique online community that enables people facing cancer to share their experiences, identify the issues that impact their lives, take surveys, access resources and learn from each other. It is free, confidential and open to anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer or provides care to a cancer patient. Learn more about the Cancer Experience Registry.

Join The Cancer Experience Registry

Grassroots Network: Become an Advocate

The Grassroots Network is a place where you can make your voice heard by policymakers at local and national levels. Stay up to date and learn about key issues that are important to patients with cancer and their loved ones.

Learn about the Grassroots Advocacy Network


My is an online platform that is transforming the cancer experience through community and connection. Its three goals are to:

  1. help you connect with others; join moderated discussion boards to share information, opinions and stories.
  2. keep your friends and family involved; assign care coordinators to manage a web site that’s all your own, create an interactive blog, or coordinate needs through a helping calendar.
  3. provide you access to resources; access financial assistance, health insurance, treatment options, clinical trials, diagnoses, nutrition and much more!

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Airbnb’s Open Homes Program

Airbnb Inc. and the Cancer Support Community/Gilda’s Club have partnered to provide free temporary housing to patients and caregivers travelling over 50 miles for treatment, provided they meet certain geographic and income criteria. 

To learn more or to apply for the Open Homes program, call the Airbnb CSC Helpline at 877-793-0498. 

Interested in sharing your home with people undergoing cancer treatment? Learn more about how you can provide free, temporary housing and a welcoming stay through Airbnb’s Open Homes program:*

Share your home through Airbnb’s Open Homes Program*

*The above link is an affiliate link to sign up for Airbnb Open Homes. If you use the link to sign up, Gilda’s Club Twin Cities may earn a commission.