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Our Clubhouse

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities is a Place.

Our clubhouse is located at 10560 Wayzata Blvd in Minnetonka, MN. This 7,300 square feet building is near I-394 and Hopkins Crossroad, close to public transportation and accessible to those throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

Central to our philosophy—that no one should face cancer alone—is the Gilda’s Club “clubhouse.” Symbolized by the signature red door you’ll find on all Gilda’s Clubs worldwide, each clubhouse is a home. Warm and welcoming. A caring and supportive healing environment that is far from the sterile walls of a hospital. Filled with knowledgeable staff and committed volunteers.

Why a clubhouse? It goes back to something comedian Gilda Radner said after she was diagnosed with cancer: “Cancer gave me membership into an elite club I would rather not belong to.”

And while cancer is not a club anyone wants to belong to, Gilda’s Club is. As soon as you visit, you become a member and will experience a unique sense of belonging. Gilda’s Club is where you can feel normal, when your world seems anything but.

What you will find behind the Red Door

“It felt like I was going into someone’s house. Right off the bat, when you walk in—‘I’m not in a church basement, it doesn’t smell like a hospital, I’m not in a little room with bare walls that’s very clinical.’  It’s a totally different feeling. You walk into a Gilda’s Club and you’re in a home.”

— Derek, Chaska, attended a Gilda’s Club when he was diagnosed with colon cancer

In the Living Room

• Comfortable Seating • A Place to Chat • Knitting Group • Fireplace • More

In the Resource Library

• Countless Books • Information • Q/A • More

In the Kitchen

• Smiles and Coffee • Cooking and Nutrition • Potluck Suppers • More

In the Expressive Art Room

• Expression through Art • Creativity • Endless Possibilities • More

In the Group Rooms

• Support Groups • Family Groups • Parenting Groups • More

In the Mind Body Studio

• Yoga and Meditation • Tai-Chi/Qigon • More

In Noogieland®

• Toys • Books • Art Supplies • Puppet Theater • More

In the Teen Room

• Teen Support Groups • Teen Scheme • Air Hockey • Games • More

In the Community Room

• Community Gatherings • Lectures and Workshops • Potlucks • More

In the “It’s Always Something” Room

• Meditation • Quite Reflection • Personal meetings with licensed professional • More

“My memory of Gilda’s Club is so clear because it was a place to go where I could think about the cancer and it was okay. For that one and a half hours, I was there to get out the week’s worth of emotions that had built up.”

— Amy, Eden Prairie, went to Gilda’s Club Chicago when she lived there and her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer