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December 17, 2018

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Learn more about our free programs for men, women, teens and children whose lives have been touched by cancer. Support is provided for all types of cancer and at any stage of the cancer experience. Whether you or your loved one is living through a cancer diagnosis, treatment, survivorship or loss, consider becoming a part of our community.

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Support Groups

Group support offers connection with other who are sharing a similar experience or perspective. For some, this provides comfort and as sense that you are not alone. Gilda’s Club offers ongoing, weekly and bi-weekly support groups facilitated by licensed mental health professionals. 

Our groups are for adult men and women living with cancer, in post-treatment, caregivers, friends and family, and those experiencing grief due to the cancer-related death of a loved one. Most of our groups offer daytime and evening options and meet for an hour and a half each week. Typically, there are between 8-10 individuals in a group and the length of your participation is up to you. Being in a support group at Gilda’s Club requires a regular commitment to attend.

Our support groups focus on life circumstances rather than specific diagnosis or prognosis:

  • Living with Cancer | Weekly groups for individuals currently undergoing treatment, living with a chronic cancer, recurrence, or choosing no treatment as an option. These groups are for men and women living with any type of cancer, at any stage.
  • Young Adults Living with Cancer | Weekly group for young adults 18-39 living with cancer, in post-treatment or survivors who want to connect with other young adults impacted by cancer.
  • Family & Friends | Weekly groups for individuals who are supporting or caregiving for someone living with cancer. These groups are for individuals caring for someone with any type of cancer, at any stage.
  • Living with Loss | Weekly groups for people grieving the death of someone due to cancer. These groups are comprised of individuals who have lost a spouse/partner, parent, sibling, close friend, or adult child.
  • Post-treatment | A bi-weekly group for men and women who are beyond treatment and looking for continued emotional and social support as they move forward and enter into life after cancer.

Want to join a support group? Attend a New Member Meeting and complete a Customized Membership Plan intake. Individuals will then be placed in the group that best meets their needs. If current openings don’t fit your availability or our groups are at capacity, your name may be added to a waitlist. Support Groups are not ‘drop in’.

Program Offerings

The Gilda’s Club program is grounded in a one-of-a-kind model of social and emotional support, professionally led and designed by and for people who know first-hand what living with cancer requires.

Our program is comprehensive, evidence-based and rests on five cornerstones:




For questions about upcoming program offerings, call the clubhouse at 612-227-2147.

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