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You know first-hand that social and emotional support can improve health outcomes

From the very start, the Twin Cities’ medical community has seen a critical gap in cancer care—and has supported us as we fill that gap with our evidence-based program of emotional and social support.

About Us

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities provides the emotional, social and psychological support that is proven to improve overall health outcomes. Through a 5-part evidence-based program of support, we serve those currently living with a diagnosis, their family and friends, as well as those living with loss. Our clubhouse is a healing environment where individuals learn from one another, while receiving guidance from licensed mental health professionals.

The Gilda’s Club philosophy is built upon these core principles:

  • Our program is free to everyone, all the time.
  • Our clubhouse is home-like, warm and welcoming.
  • People here learn to live fully with cancer, whatever the outcome.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

What is Gilda’s Club in under 5 minutes…

Healthcare Professional CEUs

Gilda’s Club is committed to being a resource to the medical community with expert referral information on cancer resources, and also by providing educational opportunities for healthcare providers.

Cancer and Mental Health Series: For Healthcare Providers & Mental Health Professionals

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities is excited to partner with Mental Health Systems, PC (MHS) to offer a series of workshops that are completely free CEUs for you to learn more about cancer and mental health. These workshops will all take place on Thursday mornings, from 9:30-11am. Learn more by following the link below.

  • Illness Perception: How Patients View their Illness Affects How They Respond to It (August 8-29)
  • Working Effectively with Support Systems (Social Roles and Communication Styles) (September 5-26)
  • The 3 I’s: Identity, Insecurity, and Isolation (October 3-24)
  • Meaningful Engagement with Environment (November 7-21)
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Medical Advisory Board

We are honored to receive guidance from the Gilda’s Club Twin Cities’ Medical Advisory Board (MAB), a committee comprised of healthcare professionals who understand deeply the necessity for and importance of comprehensive social, emotional and psychological support as part of the cancer care continuum. Learn more about our Medical Advisory Board here.

If you have questions about our program, would like to schedule a tour, or want more information, please contact our Program Director Ali DeCamillis (952.767.7627).

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