Children and Teens

Our Children, Teen and Family Program is designed especially for kids and teens living with cancer themselves or who have cancer in the family, and is built upon the five pillars of our program model: support, healthy lifestyle, education, social opportunities, and information and referral. We utilize age-appropriate support and educational activities, and we believe in support for the whole family, the whole time™.

Here are the easy steps to get your family involved in Gilda’s Club

Step 1 – Adults from the family sign up for and attend a New Member Meeting; older teens and young adults are welcome, too. (Younger kids usually find this introductory meeting to be really boring. If your kids under the age of 12 need to attend with you, please let our Youth and Family Coordinator know in advance.)

Sign up for a New Member Meeting Today

Step 2 – Following the New Member Meeting, parents sign up for a Family Focus Session with our Youth and Family Coordinator. Family Focus is a wonderful opportunity to connect one-on-one with a trained health professional, explore which parts of our program are ideal for you and your family, and learn about additional resources. Completing a Family Focus session is required before attending one of our children or teen support groups.

Family Focus sessions are by appointment. Schedule yours by calling Youth and Family Coordinator Annie Stone at 952-767-7625 or

Families Impacted by Childhood Cancer

Having a child with cancer can be overwhelming, and living with cancer as a child, teen or young adult comes with its own complexities. As a parent, you understand first-hand the challenges of juggling work, parenting, household responsibilities…and supporting your child with cancer. That’s why Gilda’s Club offers support for the whole family, the whole time ™.

Gilda’s Club provides opportunities for parents and siblings impacted by childhood cancer to come together for support and meaningful connections. Our program also provides tweens, teens and young adults living with cancer opportunities to connect through fun social and supportive activities.

Offerings for Families Impacted by Childhood Cancer

Families Impacted by Cancer in the Family

If you’re a parent, grandparent or primary caregiver impacted by cancer in your family, you understand first-hand how helping children navigate this experience can be extremely challenging. We get how complex it is to juggle work, parenting, social activities…and cancer. That’s why Gilda’s Club offers support for the whole family, the whole time™. At Gilda’s Club you will get to connect meaningfully with other parents and caregivers who “get it.” We also offer age-appropriate opportunities for your kids and teens, and can share reputable resources for them to get the additional support they need.

Offerings for Families Impacted by Cancer in the Family