Caregivers, Family and Friends

For those who care for—and about—someone with cancer


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If you’re taking care of someone with cancer, often the last thing on your daily list of things to do … is taking care of you

That’s why there’s a special place at Gilda’s Club for you. We understand the demands on your time, your energy and your emotions. 

Come be among other caregivers – 50% of our members are caregivers, family, friends, or living with loss.. Learn new skills, get support, express your full range of feelings or just take a deep breath and relax.

Family & Friends

Get started by attending a New Member Meeting

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the impact of that diagnosis ripples outward to touch family, friends, coworkers, teammates and more. So if you’ve felt the impact of cancer, you’re a member of the club as well.

Come be among people who understand what you’re going through. Learn how to cope, how to get and give support or find the right words to express what you feel.

Living with Grief and Loss

Get started by attending a New Member Meeting

Being part of this club, unfortunately for some, means learning to live with loss after the death of a loved one. Many find being with others who understand and are also experiencing the profoundness of grief an important part of their coping…and ultimately healing.

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one due to cancer within the last few years and are still struggling with your grief, we can offer support during this challenging time.