In so many ways, Gilda’s Club saved my life.

Gilda's Club October 31, 2017


Elaine, who went from downhill skiing one week to having brain surgery the next, shares her story and why Gilda’s Club needs you.

As a volunteer “Gilda Greeter” who sits at the Gilda’s Club front desk each Monday—answering calls and welcoming all those who walk through the signature red doors of the clubhouse—I see firsthand the difference Gilda’s Club makes in the lives of those dealing with cancer.

And I’ve experienced that difference myself. I’m a cancer survivor and Gilda’s Club member who went from downhill skiing one week to having brain surgery the next.

My recovery was long and difficult. But I wasn’t the only one affected. So was my family and entire circle of support. Thankfully, I discovered Gilda’s Club. I took advantage of everything Gilda’s Club offers—from group support to education sessions on topics like pain management and even art therapy classes.

Gilda’s Club helped me grow stronger both physically and mentally. And for the first time, I felt really understood. That’s why I tell people that “Gilda’s Club saved my life.” In so many ways, it did.

When I was finally back on my feet, I wanted to help others who were struggling with cancer. That’s when I became a greeter. Now, I’m taking another step by asking you to make a financial contribution. Gilda’s Club is vitally important to so many—and it needs our support. How do I know? Because of what I see and hear from where I sit at Gilda’s Club.


From where I sit, I see …
I see people pull into the parking lot. Some rush right in … others hesitate, unsure of what they’ll find. Then, when they realize they are among people who “get it,” I see them finally start to relax.

I see so many different people … couples, parents, grandparents, teens and kids. Some are dedicated caregivers who come for support. Others come for music therapy or a cancer-recovery exercise class. Sadly, some come for help managing their grief.

From where I sit, I hear …
I hear a nutritionist talking about healthy eating and a yoga instructor encouraging people to breathe … just a bit more deeply.

I hear kids playing in Noogieland®, teens and young adults sharing stories, and newfound friends chatting over a cup of coffee. I hear laughter, concern and even a few tears being shed.

I also hear people say, “I wish I had known about Gilda’s Club sooner.” I know exactly what they mean.

From where I sit, I know …
I know that Gilda’s Club truly changes lives … the lives of those with cancer, plus their family members, friends, coworkers and more.

I know that all who walk through our red doors find invaluable support … from customized care plans to support groups, from nutrition and art classes to critical new resources. They soon realize they have an entire community of social and emotional support from people like you and me.

I know that none of us can face cancer alone. And no one should have to. That’s why Gilda’s Club exists—and why your financial support is so critical.

Please help … give generously today
Gilda’s Club is the only place in the Twin Cities that regularly offers the incredible number and variety of cancer support activities—this month alone, nearly 150—for FREE—because the last thing someone dealing with cancer needs is another expense.

We’re filling a critical need in the Twin Cities, and the number of people coming through our red doors keeps growing. In the past 12 months, we’ve had more than 10,000 service visits. And I’m taking calls not only from people in the Twin Cities, but from all over the state.

If Gilda’s Club—its licensed professionals, staff and volunteers (like me)—were not here, so many people who desperately need our services wouldn’t receive them.

That’s why I’m asking you to support this unique and essential Twin Cities resource for anyone dealing with cancer. From where I sit, I know how important that support is—right now.



P.S. Gilda’s Club receives no fees for service, government grants or health care reimbursements. Instead, all services depend on individual donors. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TODAY—HELP US MEET THE NEED.