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Gilda's Club November 9, 2018

Did you miss a recent education workshop? Watch them here! At Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, our goal is to deliver our FREE program of psycho-social support to the whole family the whole time. We recognize that it is not always possible to visit our Clubhouse when a class is scheduled, and so we are testing a new system of recording some of our education sessions and posting them to view at your convenience!

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Neuroendocrine & Carcinoid Tumors (NETs)

Presented by Dr. Thorvadur Halfdanarson, with Mayo Clinic, on Nov. 15, 2018

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities invites people impacted by cancer and their loved ones to join a free workshop about neuroendocrine & carcinoid tumors. This workshop will raise awareness among patients and caregivers about diagnoses, treatment options, managing side effects, coping with the psychosocial impact of neuroendocrine and carcinoid tumors, and fostering constructive dialogue with their health care team.

We are proud to welcome to present on this topic Dr. Thorvadur Halfdanarson, a medical oncologist focusing on gastrointestinal malignancies, especially neuroendocrine tumors and hepatobiliary tumors. In addition to clinical activities, he is active in both research and education. His research focus is primarily neuroendocrine tumors ranging from epidemiology to therapy including novel therapeutics in clinical trials. Dr. Halfdanarson is an assistant program director for the Hematology/Oncology fellowship program at Mayo Clinic. He has received numerous awards for teaching residents and fellows. This presentation will be broadcast live on Facebook Live, or you can view it on this webpage.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Clinical Trials

Presented by Dr. David King, with MN Oncology, on Nov. 9, 2018

People impacted by cancer and their loved ones are invited to join a free workshop on clinical trails. Clinical trials have led to major advances in the field of oncology today by validating the benefits of new and improved cancer treatments – this workshop will highlight the importance of research and how clinical trials work. Not every person will be on a clinical trial or needs to be on one, but should be aware that a clinical trial may be a treatment option.

Clinical trials for cancer are available at all local oncology facilities as well as some out state cancer centers. MN Cancer Clinical Trials Network (MNCCTN) is working to provide oncology clinical trial access to more individuals in the rural communities in MN.

Download the slides here.


Anger: Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Presented by Rebecca Bertram, with Mental Health Systems, on Oct. 22, 2018

Anger is a completely natural emotion that sometimes does not get enough attention in popular media as part of the process of experiencing cancer or living with a loved one with cancer. Let’s hold space for this powerful emotion, and take a look at some ways to cope with anger as part of this experience. We will explore how anger affects the whole body and mind, and take a look at how to live with anger and move through it through both a reflective and a practical level.

Download the slides here.


Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia CLL

Presented by Dr Saad Kendarian, with Mayo Clinic, and Dr Helen Healy, of Wellspring Naturopathic Clinic, on Sept. 20, 2018

This free workshop offers information on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). We will discuss traditional treatment options for CLL, side-effects, the cost of care, and navigating life with the disease, as well as naturopathic approaches to address CLL symptoms, how certain herbs inhibit CLL proliferation, and beneficial dietary choices. We will also explore ways to cope with the social and emotional challenges of the diagnosis.

Download the slides here.

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