Meet the Swann Family- a story of support for the whole family

Libby Utter November 22, 2019

Isadora, Monte, and Arlo are a Gilda’s Club Twin Cities super team. Last October Isadora was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s B-cell Lymphoma, and the family found themselves faced with the questions “Where do we go? Who do we see? Who can I trust?”

The Swann’s heard about Gilda’s Club, and with Isadora leading the charge they quickly became involved in the various programs and classes offered at Gilda’s, discovering a warm and welcoming clubhouse and community.

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At Gilda’s Club all members of the family can get involved: Isadora is able to attend support groups with people who understand what she’s going through, Monte has access to the resources he needs as a parent with a child living with cancer, Arlo attends expressive arts and improv classes, and the whole family is able to spend time together.

“It’s a safe place to feel welcome, to make art, to deal with our problems without expectations on what we had to do or be. That’s why we’re asking you to support Gilda’s Club Twin Cities by making a donation today.”


To read the Swann’s full story see the comic below.

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