September 2019 – Program Partners, Tributes and Memorials

Gilda's Club Twin Cities September 18, 2019

Fall 2019 Program Partners

Gilda’s Club programs are made possible through the incredible work of our volunteers, subject matter experts, and program partners. These partnering organizations share our vision that no one should have to face cancer alone, and we thank them for their work!

  • 8-Gates Tai Chi
  • Adler Graduate School
  • Adobe Lightroom Team
  • AwakenPeace
  • Brave New Workshop
  • The Centre of Wellness
  • Children’s Minnesota
  • HopeKids
  • Humor to Fight the Tumor
  • Love Labor Project
  • MHS (Mental Health Systems)
  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Muska Lighting
  • Ninja Anywhere
  • Nutritional Weight & Wellness
  • Rooted Green Wellness
  • Thrivent Financial

Do you want to be a part of this generous group of individuals that help make our program dreams a reality? Then consider helping to underwrite some of our member programs!
If you are interested in learning more, contact Carissa Vincent, Development Manager, at 952-767-7626 or

Honoring our members who have recently died:

  • Colleen Cook
  • Judy Kolwicz
  • Barbara Lundsgaard
  • Megan McKenna
  • Diane Nelson
  • Christine Olkives
  • Linda Selmo
  • Lucy Swift

This list represents members whose passing in June, July and August Gilda’s Club is aware of.  If your loved one is missing from this list, we apologize, and please reach out to let us know of your loss.

Evening of Remembrance – Wednesday, October 23 from 6pm-8pm

All Gilda’s Club members and their friends and family are welcome to join and remember the people we love who have died due to cancer. All guests are encouraged to bring photos or memorabilia to honor your loved one’s life to place on the Remembrance Tables. RSVP required for yourself AND any guests. This will help us determine how much food to get. Children are welcome.

We know that grief has no timeline. Evening of Remembrance takes place twice a year.  If this timing doesn’t work for you, your loved one can be honored at a future remembrance event.

Click here to register for the Evening of Remembrance

Honors and Tributes – June – August 2019

All of Gilda’s Club Twin Cities’ programs are free. One means of keeping our program free is through the generosity of our members, family and friends. The gifts below were made in honor, memory or celebration of loved ones.

In Memory of:

  • Sue Arrell
  • Jerry Alch
  • Justin Amand
  • Gene Frisk
  • Eugene Frisk
  • Stephen Richard Geiger
  • Barbara Harris
  • Mary Jane Janacek
  • Jackie’s mom
  • Judy Kolwicz
  • Steve Martin
  • Richard Miller
  • Bill Munsell
  • Diane Nelson
  • Dr Martin Oken
  • Beth Marie Rumpel
  • Lenore Rogers
  • Mark Shaw
  • Jane Ellen Scott
  • Linda Selmo
  • Joyce Taylor
  • Jerome Wild

In Honor of:

  • Liz Anema
  • Deanna Baldwin
  • Tonya Hampton
  • Gloria Jones
  • Becky Lussky
  • Fred Schommer
  • Sue Sweeney
  • Libby Utter
  • Carissa Vincent
  • those living with cancer

In Celebration of:

  • Roy and Judy Falness
  • Rick Kleven

To make a tribute gift today in memory, honor, or celebration of a loved one, visit our Tribute page here.

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