June 2020 GildaGram Newsletter

Gilda's Club Twin Cities June 22, 2020

Silver linings, and our commitment to you.

It is undeniable that this has been an unprecedented time, however, I have found so What will you remember about the first half of 2020? “That’s easy,” you think to yourself, “COVID-19, quarantine, racism and civil unrest.” Perhaps you will wish to simply forget 2020, to write it off as a year in which so many things went wrong, so many precious moments were lost. Or perhaps this year will be a catalyst for you to see the world a little differently, or to commit to making it a little better. Continue reading Libby’s article here.

Layers, learning and leaning in.

We are living in times of transition, uncertainty and change. For many this can bring up fears of the unknown, anxiety, sadness, loss, anger, a lack of power and sense of control. And dare I say it? Perhaps…opportunity.  Continue reading Ali’s article here.

Gilda Gratitude, Save the Date and More!

Improving company culture and productivity doesn’t have to be limited to a conference room. Whether your group already exists or you plan to create one from scratch, volunteering with others at Gilda’s Club is a blast. Continue reading Carissa’s update here.

Gilda’s Volunteers

Thank you for your continued support during this time. The safety of our members, volunteers, and staff is our top priority. Therefore we will continue to virtually program through September 30. We will continue to monitor the recommendations of state, local and national officials. Continue reading Bri’s update here. 

Memorials, Tributes, and Program Partners

A special thanks to all of those who donated as a tribute, to all of our Winter and Spring 2020 Program Partners, and in remembrance of those members who have recently died. See our Program Partners, Memorials, and Tributes HERE.

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