Group and Corporate Volunteering at Gilda’s Club.

Brianna Garcia-Meyers December 16, 2019

Improving company culture and productivity doesn’t have to be limited to a conference room. Bringing your group out into the community and taking part in meaningful volunteering activities that build on their values and skills results in improved collaboration, increased self-awareness, positive impact on revenue and a connection to a broader audience.

Gilda’s Club Twin Cities can be that meaningful volunteering opportunity. Whether your group already exists or you plan to create one from scratch, volunteering with others is a blast. It’s also incredibly rewarding. Nowhere is the warm, welcoming and fun-loving spirit of Gilda Radner more evident than in our dedicated volunteer groups.

Group activities can include:

  • Hosting a community meal for our members
  • Tidying up the clubhouse
  • Helping out at one of our events
  • Planting your green thumb in our gardens
  • Pushing your creativity with card-making or other creative activities
  • Or other ideas suggested by you!

Looking for other ways to get involved as a corporation?

There are many ways your organization can make a meaningful difference in the lives of families impacted by cancer and create a lasting impression on our community as a whole.

Employee giving- Build company morale and loyalty by getting your employees involved in giving back to people in their own communities. Donate through payroll deductions or a workplace giving campaign.

Sponsor a program of event- A significant part of our support comes from our sponsors. They include caring corporations and organizations in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

You know what your group is capable of, so bring it on.

Contact Carissa Vincent, Development Manager at or call her at 952-767-7626.



Volunteer and Communications Coordinator | Gilda’s Club Twin Cities
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