December 2019 – Program Partners, Tributes and Memorials

Ryan Sweeney December 16, 2019

Winter 2020 Program Partners

Gilda’s Club programs are made possible through the incredible work of our volunteers, subject matter experts, and program partners. These partnering organizations share our vision that no one should have to face cancer alone, and we thank them for their work!

  • Adler Graduate School
  • Brave New Workshop
  • Camp Kesem
  • Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation
  • Children’s Cancer Research Fund
  • Children’s Hospital Minnesota
  • Corporate Caterers Twin Cities
  • HopeKids
  • Humor to Fight the Tumor
  • MHS (Mental Health Systems)
  • Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development
  • Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union Savaloja Grant
  • Sephora, Mall of America

Do you want to be a part of this generous group of individuals that help make our program dreams a reality? Then consider helping to underwrite some of our member programs!
If you are interested in learning more, contact Carissa Vincent, Development Manager, at 952-767-7626 or

Honoring our members who have recently died:

  • Joyce Carey
  • Mary Hield
  • Emily Hoeffner
  • Jennifer Isacc
  • Alyssa Jaehne
  • Catherine Popehn
  • Ron Thompson

This list represents members whose passing in September, October and November that Gilda’s Club is aware of.  If your loved one is missing from this list, we apologize, and please reach out to let us know of your loss.

Honors and Tributes – September – November 2019

All of Gilda’s Club Twin Cities’ programs are free. One means of keeping our program free is through the generosity of our members, family and friends. The gifts below were made in honor, memory or celebration of loved ones.

In Memory of:

  • Steve Ashcroft
  • Ellen Cunningham
  • Joan Witt Cowan
  • Sara Christensen
  • Cindy Gaither
  • John Guth (Uncle Jack)
  • Lucy Hopperstad
  • Barry King
  • Janet Kinzler
  • Renee Kane Fields
  • Nancy Kane
  • James Landy
  • Craig Maas
  • Jeffrey Murman
  • Katheryn Mitchell
  • Ann Ness
  • Diane Nelson
  • Cathy Popehn
  • Don Peterson
  • Lynn Rossow
  • Sue Richards
  • Linda Selmo
  • Penny Sweitzer
  • Teri Svare
  • George N. Wemeier
  • All the Chemo Chicks
  • Dennis and Rosemary

In Honor of:

  • Beth Buse
  • Kathy Brown
  • Joan and Rodger Dressen
  • Emily Gillespie
  • Bob Janorschke
  • Bob Ketroser
  • Sally Ludden
  • Andy Nelson
  • Amie Noun
  • Maria O’Phelan
  • Kathy Parsons
  • Vickie Ross
  • Bill Sempel
  • Rick Sebenaler
  • Dicky Thompson
  • Carissa Vincent
  • Mary and Beth
  • the many living with a cancer diagnosis
  • The Staff and Volunteers who work tirelessly for Gilda’s Club
  • Young Adults living with cancer

In Celebration of:

  • Everyone that needs love and support
  • Mom and Dad
  • Jenni Lilledahl
  • Kathy Post

To make a tribute gift today in memory, honor, or celebration of a loved one, visit our Tribute page here.

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