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Spare Key Foundation

Gilda's Club Twin Cities July 11, 2019

Spare Key’s mission is to provide is to provide assistance to families in crisis to families with critically ill family members through housing grant payment assistance, engaged resource referrals and advocacy.

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Families with critically ill relatives face an enormous dilemma: Stay with and support their hospitalized family member or go to work and earn income required to pay the bills. Most working family members have two weeks of vacation leave and one week of sick leave available to them. When paid time off is used up, they must take unpaid leave to remain with their family member in the hospital; an option not financially viable to many working families.

As a result many of the families we serve would be considered working class, middle-income families. Because of this reality, Spare Key is often the only source of financial support for these families in crisis given that most of them are declined assistance from other organizations because of their income.

Social workers and families have come to depend on Spare Key to be simple and easy to access. They also know that our focus is not the type of injury or illness but on the length of the hospital stay.

Spare Key has served many families with multiple mortgage grants over the years. Because many of the families we serve have family members facing chronic conditions, we allow for families to reapply within 12 months of receiving a grant.