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American Childhood Cancer Organization

Gilda's Club Twin Cities July 15, 2019

ACCO is dedicated to making the lives of children and families living with cancer and its long-term side effects easier, through the use of books, journals, and various support resources.

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The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is one of the nation’s largest grassroots organizations at the forefront of the crucial battle against childhood cancer. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children living with childhood cancer or its long-term impacts, and to offering critical advice, support, and assistance to families engaged in this life-altering struggle. Together with our ever-expanding network of local divisions across the country, we offer essential programs and services designed to address the critical needs that families facing this dreaded diagnosis encounter every day. As a leader in the national fight against childhood cancer, we speak for the needs of families and survivors, and in doing so, we help shape policy, research, and programs, nationally and internationally, that affect the lives of cancer-stricken families today and tomorrow. If you have a child fighting childhood cancer, if you have lost a child to cancer, or if your child is a survivor, then we are here for you, and we are committed to serving you and others like you in our nation-wide community until the day when no child dies and no child is left with life-long effects from this devastating disease.

Our Mission is to:

– Help families get the facts they need about childhood cancer in simple, comprehensive, everyday language.

– Make the fight against cancer easier for its youngest victims through the development and distribution of the highest quality materials designed specifically for children and adolescents.

– Provide crucial support families need—financially, socially, and emotionally—through diagnosis, treatment, and well beyond.

– Advocate for critical research on treatment protocols appropriate for the bodies of cancer’s smallest victims.

– Give the fight against childhood cancer the attention it deserves, because kids can’t fight cancer alone!